Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I've been finishing my felt pieces slowly,all this flood which didn't affect us direct but I believe that did affect everybody,especially in Queensland.My daughter and her hubby helped cleaning up their friends and I did babysitting.Today I went to our Community centre and helped with food parcels.It is very hard to have fun with my hobby when all this is going on.
And today this storm: it was unreal.wind and rain going in all different directions.Wind lifted up our shed,it was crazy.
This is what I finished.Made felt for my granddaughters toy horse blanket,she helped.


  1. All is quiet up here ...sunny days and just a few storm clouds in the afternoon that passed very quickly....as if nothing bad had happened. The weather is crazy indeed.

    The felted pieces are looking good. Love the extra detail you've done to finish your work.

    Stay safe

  2. Thanks,Joan,this weather is crazy,we had another storm today,not as bad like yesterday but lots of rain which is last thing anybody around here need.Poor people in Gailes and Goodna which are next to us are cleaning after flood and than have all this rain...I am so sick of this weather.
    I like making things from felt,have to take photos of other things I made and you'll see.
    My next project is going to be an attempt to make hat-don't laugh-but I want to try.Some ladies in Q Swfa said to me that they been doing felting for years but never made a hat because is to hard-I like challenge.
    And you are one who inspired me to start .
    I can't make to Jondaryan woolshed for dinner on 25th but I will send donation and wish them all the best in fundraising.
    All the best to you