Saturday, September 4, 2010

My First blog

It is about time that i start to write my blog.Well,I'll start with m first passionate: sewing.
As far as I remember I loved sewing.My oldest memory is when I was about 5 years old:
my parents both worked and with my grandma not longer around I was looked after by my auntie, neighbours and other relatives.My auntie Ina would make me a doll from fire wood(in late fifties wasn't a lots of dolls in shop in my country so we had to do with makeshifts)and I was happy with it.One day she gave me some fabric and doll and left me in the room to play while  she cooked dinner.She came to check on me and find me crying.
I told her that I've lost sewing needle and I was very upset.She found it on the floor and gave back to me with a kiss.
As you can see I was sewing mad at that age and still I like to make things.I made this skirt,belt ,mu hubbies tail coat and west .This is at Heritage Festival at Jondaryan Woolshed ,Jondaryan,Queensland,Australia.